Liquid Band Vacuum Pump Working Principle. The vacuum pump consisting an impeller which is located eccentric to the cylinder body(Vacuum pump housing). Vacuum is established in the vacuum pump by utilizing a liquid seal. … When the impeller begins to rotate, the liquid can be starts move outward by centrifugal push.

Water ring vacuum pump is a common type of liquid band vacuum pump. Water band is a rotor with multi-blades eccentrically set up in the pump shell. When it rotates, it throws liquid in to the pump and forms a liquid ring concentric with the pump shell. The liquid band and the rotor blade type a rotating variable capability vacuum pump with periodic volume change. When the operating liquid is drinking water, it is called water Ring vacuum pump. There are plenty of kinds of water ring vacuum pumps with different prices. .Included in this, 2BV is more cost-effective. The type selection of water band vacuum pump should be predicated on your on-site procedure, the required vacuum level and the amount of air Water Vacuum Pump pumping required.