Stepless Speed China Variator



Product Description
Quick Details
Applicable Industries:  other
Brand Name:  Xinlan
Gearing Arrangement:  Planetary
Output Torque:  UP TO 2062Nm
Input Speed:  1400rpm
Output Speed:  10~1000 rpm
Color:  RAL90069GREY)
Input Form:  IEC flange for mounting motor
Output Form:
Solid shaft,Hollow shaft,Flange output
Mounted Form:
Foot-mounted and flange-mounted mounting.axis mounting
Material:  Aluminum&Iron casting

Hot Sale China Popular Aluminum&iron Casting Gearbox Speed Reducers Variator

Our industrial reduceris designed with advanced technology and can be used for both light-industrial trades,
such as food, pharmaceutical, plastic, paper-making, ceramic, tobacco, printing etc.,and heavy-industrial trades,
such as tool machine, petrol-chemistry, and metallurgy etc., as well as for the trades of communication and
transportation. It features as below:

1) High strength
2) Large range of speed variation
3) High precision of speed regulation
4) Stable performance
5) Compact structure, small volume and light weight
6) Strong capability to be combined

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