Greenhouses need to be designed to not only capture solar energy but also adequately ventilate extra heat if temperature ranges get too hot.

You should always make sure you have sufficient vents in the roof of your greenhouse as heat rises and you want that heat to escape.

Greenhouse roof vents work really well because they are located where hot air gathers naturally at the peak of the roof.

If vents in the roof aren’t possible, make sure to at least have a windows to two you can open.

Ideally you want to have cross ventilation therefore two windows on two sides of the greenhouse work greatest.

However you shouldn’t leave the vents or windows open at nighttime as you’ll lose any heat gain and cool your greenhouse too much.

So you close the vents or windows during the night and what happens another morning: you forget! Now your greenhouse overheats and if you’re unlucky, you lose some plants.

Or you forget to close the vents at nighttime as well as your plant life suffer if the night is too cool.

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