[Abstract] Reducers are widely used in daily existence, and are used in various mechanical systems in commercial production, such while: automobiles, boats, some large equipment and some factory production lines. The range of the reducer is normally very wide, from the transmitting of the larger power to the transmission of the precise angle, the reducer can function extremely well. The inner structure of the reducer is definitely a range of things of different specs. By interlocking the gears, the rate insight from the input shaft can become reduced, and the velocity can end up being reduced to the mechanical device through the output shaft, and the velocity can end up being understood. . This paper primarily research the common errors of the reducer and lists many effective solutions.

The main function of the reducer is to convert the power and provide the right power for the mechanical operation. When the reducer works, it mainly depends on the gear transformation acceleration of different sizes, and finally the motor shaft quickness gets to the required range, and a sizable torque mechanism is usually acquired. In the current useful application, the reducer can be used to transmit mechanised speed and convert mechanised power, and the software of the reducer is even more and more prevalent. In the creation process of general commercial enterprises, the speed transformation and deceleration of the reducer are primarily used to recognize the speed transformation of numerous mechanical products. As a result, once the failure of the reducer will significantly impact the creation activities of the organization, it is definitely extremely important to make accurate decision for the failing of the reducer and also to look for a answer to make sure the normal operation of numerous gadgets.

1 Reducer common failure
1.1 Parts heat leaking
In order to improve the functioning efficiency of the reducer, most reducer manufacturers choose nonferrous materials to manufacture the turbine of the reducer, and the material for manufacturing the worm is the harder steel. This causes the reducer to continuously rub and glide between the parts taper lock pulleys during the operating process, which generates a great deal of heat, and because the components of the inner parts of the reducer are different, the degree of thermal development of the materials is normally different, so that the first appropriate space between the parts It turns into smaller and consistently wears out friction. At the same time, the lubricating essential oil between the parts is usually also affected by the temp rise, and the concentration turns into thin, causing in oil leakage failing of the reducer.

1.2 Turbine wear failure
The components used to produce the worm equipment are generally non-ferrous metals, such as tin bronze alloy, and the worm is made of 45 metal, and in order to ensure the hardness, it will be quenched and its hardness can reach HRC45-55. When the reducer is certainly in regular procedure, the worm offers a high hardness, which causes long-term friction with the turbine during procedure, ending in severe put on of the turbine. Since the turbine and the worm are essential components of the reducer, the use of the turbine can lead to a shortened services existence of the reducer. In addition to the turbine and worm hardness mismatch, the turbine put on and tear, the reducer software and model, the reducer operating period and the weight during the operation of the reducer will create different degrees of put on on the turbine of the reducer.

1.3 Drive small helical equipment wear
This type of failure primarily occurs in vertical reducer equipment, which is due to certain problems in the type and amount of lubricant. When setting up the top to bottom reducer, the personnel will add a particular quantity of lubricant to the inside. When the reducer can be managed for a period of period, credited to the usage of lubricating oil or leakage, the lubrication of the parts of the reducer is usually lacking. When the swiftness reducer halts working, the lubricating essential oil will gradually drop to the bottom level of the reducer due to gravity. When the acceleration reducer begins once again, the top part of the equipment or additional parts lacks the security of lubricating essential oil, which is more serious. Put on and rip. In this method, not only will the existence of the reducer be decreased, but also other complications will take place due to friction between the parts.

1.4 Worm bearing damage
In the course of action of failure of the reducer, even if the covered package is well secured, the gear oil might be emulsified, ending in damage, corrosion and corrosion of the bearing. This is definitely since the moisture produced by the sudden air conditioning of the equipment essential oil during the procedure of the reducer is agglomerated.

2 Effective method to solve the issue of reducer
2.1 Improve the functioning environment
The working environment will have a extremely large impact on the operating efficiency of the reducer. Dust and great contaminants in the functioning environment of the reducer will enter the inside of the machine through the gap of the reducer casing. Since there are many viscous chemicals such as lubricating essential oil inside the reducer, these little particles will adhere to the lubricating essential oil after getting into. When the machine is definitely functioning, it will become sent to all parts of the reducer as the gear rotates, which will result in an boost in the friction of the reducer parts, and ultimately the gear device will breakdown. As a result, in order to guarantee the normal procedure of the reducer, the personnel should pay out attention to the operating environment of the reducer. Specifically in some dusty functioning conditions, a protective cover can become added to the reducer casing regarding to actual requirements to reduce the debris getting into the machine and prevent dust from entering the machine, which affects the stable procedure of the machine. . In addition, if the functioning environment of the reducer is normally relatively severe, after the daily function is normally completed, it is required to clean and check the reducer in time, generally to clean the dirt attached to the body of the reduction equipment to prevent the dust and have an effect on the reducer. Normal operation ensures stable procedure of the reducer.

2.2 Improve the machining accuracy of the reducer
The common faults of the reducer also include the oil leakage of the chassis. The fundamental issue can be mainly triggered by the issue of machining precision in the manufacturing procedure of the reducer. As a result, when the reducer neglects, the maintenance workers can trim the machining precision and improve the machining accuracy of the reducer. Initial of all, in order to prevent essential oil leakage in the chassis, the joint between the top and lower casings of the machine should become surface to ensure that the casing of the casing can become tightly engaged; subsequently, in the process of setting up the top and lower casings of the reducer, a joint should become inserted at the joint of the casing. The closing remove is certainly after that coated with a coating of sealant on the joint to form a closed continuous apron, which successfully eliminates the oil leakage on the tank surface area and ensures the dependability of the operation of the reducer.

2.3 Improve the installation quality of the reducer
The unreasonable installation phase of the reducer is one of the biggest causes of the current failure of the reducer. Consequently, the organization should pay out attention to the set up procedure of the reducer to make sure the reliability of the reducer. Initial of all, in the process of installation of the reducer, advanced calculating tools should be fully utilized to reinforce the detailed inspection of the parts and the measurements of the parts of the reducer and the precision of the joint parts. For example, check the bones of the higher and lower cabinets. The verticality and level between the shaft, the shaft and the bearing and the threshold between the armor and weapon upgrades; secondly, the installation and inspection power of the reducer should be improved, and the overall performance should become checked before beginning up. For example, the bolts at the connection part of the reducer show up loose, and should end up being strengthened in period. At the same time, the vibration level of the reducer is certainly decreased by effective inspection, and the procedure effect of the reducer is usually improved to some level. These duties can efficiently promise the quality of the reducer set up and lay a solid base for the soft operation of the reducer.

2.4 Specification of installation and repair practices
In order to guarantee the installation or repair quality of the reducer, the company needs to purchase the parts in person, and in the process of disassembling and installing the worm, the worm wheel and the bearing, try to avoid using a hammer and additional tools to directly strike, so as not to affect the cooperation between these parts. patience. When replacing parts, pay interest to the add-ons that match the mechanical model. In the process of putting together the output bearing, it is normally required to pay out attention to the shared coordinating of the threshold ideals. When Chemical≤50mmeters, H7/k6 is usually followed; when Chemical>50mm, L7/m6 is certainly adopted. At the same period, it is certainly required to use reddish Dan essential oil and anti-adhesive agent to attain the purpose of protecting the hollow shaft, and also to prevent the wear and rust of the parts to a certain degree, which can be beneficial for disassembly and installation during maintenance.

In summary, many businesses need to make use of reducers in the production procedure. Nevertheless, due to numerous factors, the reducer frequently provides several errors during procedure, which significantly affects the protection and reliability of the reducer. It also impacts the production performance and item quality of the firm. At this period, it is required for the management and maintenance workers to perform on-site inspections on a regular basis, and also to discover out the cause of the failing of the reducer, and instantly offer corresponding maintenance and maintenance to prevent impacting the regular production procedure.