Accurate ventilation is essential to create the perfect living environment in livestock homes. Chickens, pigs and cattle thrive better in a environment that’s perfectly adjusted to their specific needs. This is good for production, health insurance and quality, and escalates the profitability of your procedure.
To be able to ventilate any kind of livestock home with precision and control, Ridder is rolling out special drive systems for intensive livestock farming. This portfolio consists of several innovative drive systems for atmosphere intake vents and valves, ridge ventilation systems, roller ventilation systems for curtains and roller systems for PAD cooling systems.
We are located in Hangzhou city which really is a coastal city in Zhejiang. It is a modernization personal enterprise which specializing in products’ research and advancement, produce and marketing seivices.
The company offers a reliable gurantee for the product’ s quality by advanced Drive Systems For Ventilation In Livestock Farming inspection and testing equipment. professional technical team, beautiful processing technology and tight control syslem.
In latest years, the business has been developing rapidly by its wealthy experience in production, adcanced managemant system, standardized management system, solid technical force. We usually adhere the concept of survial by quality, and decelopment by innovation in science and technology.
We are prepared to function with you hand in hand and create brilliance together!