CC5A Chain Sprockets

Sprockets are manufactured specifically for CC5 chain. This sprocket can be manufactured with almost any bore size needed and out of almost any material needed including; stainless steel, cast, hardened steel, and more! We can even supply idler sprockets within quick delivery times and at really great prices.

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Available In A Wide Range Of Configurations
  • Fast Delivery Time
  • Extremely Durable
  • Great Performance
  • Economical pricing

Tooth Face at Pitch Line: 1.125″ – Roller Diameter: 2.500″

Sprocket Number Tooth Count Pitch Style Stock Bore Weight (LBS)
CC5A6 6 6.000″ A-Plate 6.50″ 36 LBS
CC5A7 7 13.15″ A-Plate 6.50″ 69.0 LBS
CC5A8 8 6.000″ A-Plate 6.50″ 62 LBS
CC5A9 9 6.000″ A-Plate 7.00″ 77 LBS
CC5A10 10 6.000″ A-Plate 1.500″ 95 LBS
CC5A11 11 6.000″ A-Plate 1.500″ 114 LBS
CC5A12 12 6.000″ A-Plate 1.500″ 135 LBS

We also offer a full range of both precision roller chains and engineered.

Applications are varied and range from the conveyor, and elevator transfer to broad general industrial power transmission. Specialty applications with attachments and/or unique materials are also available.