Model Number: VFD
Warranty: 1 year
Type: AC
Certification: CE
Customized: Yes
Rated Power: 0.75KW – 315KW
Nominal Voltage: 220V/380V
Product name: 3 Phase Frequency Converter
Service life: 20-30 years
Frequency: 0~400HZ
Voltage: 3 phase 380v
Rated capacity: 0.75~315kw
Efficiency: >90%
Appliance: Motors ,pumps
Packaging Details: Standard export carton for 7.5kw 3 phase 380V frequency converter motor controller .
Port: ZheJiang

7.5kw 3 phase 380V frequency converter motor controller

Power capacity can be customized as your requirement.
frequency converter

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Q1: What is the function of VFD ?
A1: VFD control the speed and frequency of motors,which is the widely used in industrial control,automation system and pump system.
Q2; What is the delivery time ?
A2: Please contact our sales person and tell us your demand ,we will tell you the delivery time.
Q3: How to choose suitable VFD for machine ?
A3: Please send us your machine details, we will provide you most suitable mode type .
Q4: Do you support OEM service ?
A4: Yes ,for some items we have MOQ. For more questions ,feel free to send us inquiry.

The Mechanical Speed Variator Dissectible

The Mechanical Speed Variator Dissectible is part of a series of actual industrial gear reducer dissectibles that can be used for hands-on mechanical drive training. This model features a heavy-gauge baseplate and offers a realistic experience for disassembly and inspection of a mechanical speed variator.

Mechanical continuous gear variator 100

A mechanical continuous gear variator 100 is a gearbox that has a number of gears. One of its components is a second multiplier gear group 60. This group is mounted to a second mobile shaft 9 and has a keyed transfer element 7. The transfer element transmits rotation to further gear 2′ and sprockets 5′.
This gearbox comprises two groups of multipliers arranged in series. The first group is connected to the driving shaft 1 and the second group is connected to the output driven shaft 30, 12. In addition, the mechanical continuous gear variator 100 comprises an intermediate shaft 9 and a rotatably mounted frame 13.
This gearbox is also a great educational tool for children. It encourages them to learn about cars and mechanics. It also improves their fine motor skills and stimulates the mind. It also has an aesthetic and fun appeal. This gearbox helps children learn about the complexities of a CVT and how it works.
The mechanical continuous gear variator 100 includes a first shift element B1, second shift element K1, and a third shift element B2. The first shift element B1 is a brake and the third shift element B2 is a clutch. The second shift element is a second planetary gear set RS2. In the first and second ranges of ratios, the torques are split. This creates a power-split flow.

Single half-cycle operation

A Speed Variator is a device that varies the speed of a motor based on the input voltage. It can operate on a single half-cycle of the supply voltage when the speed is low, or on both half-cycles when the speed is high. The transition between the two modes is automatic and is achieved through the displacement of a potentiometer slide. The invention also includes overload protection circuits.
The patent application outlines the operation of an electric speed variator that operates in single half-cycle mode at low speeds. The device provides high negative feedback through its circuit RE to maintain stable operation, thereby providing high available effective power at low speeds. In this way, the device is able to achieve the desired speed.

High negative feedback

A speed variator is a device that controls the speed of an ac motor by varying its input voltage. Generally, it is comprised of three components: a triggerable Silicon controlled rectifier, a resistive potentiometer, and a capacitor. Each component is coupled in series with the other, forming a motor-driven circuit. The circuit includes a resistive branch and a capacitive branch connected in parallel to a control electrode.
The voltage at the output is increased if the load on the motor M increases. The increasing voltage causes the measuring circuit CM to furnish a higher voltage at the output. This causes a decrease in the conduction of transistor T1 during the positive half-cycle, which in turn reduces the speed of the motor. The increasing voltage also causes the capacitor to charge faster and the angle of opening of the triac to increase. The compensating negative feedback circuit RE reduces this effect.
A triac speed variable controller is difficult to regulate at low speeds because of the lower angle of passage of the current through the three phases. This reduces its effective power and makes it difficult to regulate the output speed at low speeds.

Compact size

The compact size of Speed Variators is one of the main benefits of these devices. They are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. These devices can be used in packaging machines, food processing machines, and pharmaceutical and chemical machines. They are also very easy to install. They come in 6 sizes and can be combined with gearboxes and independent drives for even more versatility.

Long life

If you are looking for a Speed Variator with long life and reliable performance, then you have come to the right place. These devices are made with special materials for long life and durability. They are suitable for general purpose, medium and fractional power drives and can be installed with a variety of gearboxes and independent drives.

Simple structure

Simple structure for speed variable (SS-SRDM) is a simple type of infinitely variable motor with an end structure of a hand wheel, screw mandrel and bearing. The hand wheel controls the interval between active fixed and pinch rollers. The SS-SRDM has several advantages over a conventional linear sprocket-shaft motor, including simplicity, low cost and ease of maintenance.
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