A attribute function of these Cast iron chain CC600 is their simple but sturdy cast metal style and design. They are especially ideal for programs that entail pulling or conveying significant hundreds, for instance in the timber or building material industries, in pallet conveyor techniques, or for relocating barrels, bulk containers, fuel bottles and cage pallets.

The Cast steel chains CC600 can be relied on to deal with the toughest traction programs and transfer the heaviest hundreds even in rugged ailments and over prolonged distances. An raise of calculated breaking loads by about 25 % can be achieved by the use of forged metal somewhat than solid iron chains. As an alternative, there is also a galvanized, zinc plated version for added corrosion protection. Threaded pins in the connecting hyperlink make the chain straightforward to near and unclose. The cast steel iron chain can also be equipped on ask for in a plastic edition. Chains are obtainable with a pitch of sixty three.5 mm and with or with no TAB.

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