VR hydraulic cylinder is a type of high pressure and heavy duty cylinder. They are utilized in different hydraulic vibratory roller. which is ideal for non- cohesive soils, gravel, macadam, sand gravel combination and different concretes. it’s indispensable compaction devices for highway mine street ,dams, airports, harbors, sector ground and building base.

1. High intensity…Fatigue design adaptive cylinder designed according to loading frequency evaluation are applied, and piston rod selection, digesting technology, welding technology are inspected through ultrasonic fault detection. As it is designed for ruthless operation, it is showcased in high intensity and high reliability.
2. Sealing system…seal rings of NOK from Japan and Parker from United states that can sure highly basic safety when work in aerial place. They are applied to prevent grit and dust, reduce oil leakage.
3. Cylinder body…the thickness of cylinder body and flange can be changed; the cylinder inner surfaces manufactured as per appropriate intensity and dimensions have superb roughness and rigidity end better putting on capacity after roll finishing. They have 100% nondestructive test.
4. Piston rod…high frequency quenching accompanied by hard chrome plating to improve rust proofing and wear and scar resisting performance.
5. Safety/buffer functions…valves with slow stroke, counting stability end emergency close can be installed easily according to requirements. The concealed types can absorb the influence of buffer device at the end of stroke.

Vibratory roller hydraulic cylinder we produces is a piston design cylinder, it can be matched for different models of vibratory roller. They period used for changing path. We can design and make different specs steering cylinder according to clients’ requirements